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Billing and Insurance FAQs

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Insurance and Billing FAQs


Will I have a deductible?

Most plans have a yearly deductible amount that is required to be met before the insurance plan will pay. This differs depending on the type of insurance plan elected. It would be best to contact your insurance plan or insurance agent if you are not sure of your deductible details.

What is my deductible and/or coinsurance?

This is the amount you owe once insurance has processed your claim. Each policy’s amounts are different depending upon the policy elected. Patients are encouraged to review their policy or contact their agent. Deductibles and coinsurances vary from plan to plan.

Will I receive a bill?

Depending on your insurance plan, you may see a deductible or coinsurance which results in a self‐pay bill.

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is required when renting equipment from Yorhom Medical Essentials. Credit cards on account are used to cover any charges that are not paid by insurance. Patients receive a statement stating AutoPay will run on a certain date. If you do not want these charges to be applied to your credit card, you can make a payment some other way at least 36-48 hours before AutoPay is scheduled to run by calling the number listed on the invoice. If no payment is made before the date that AutoPay is scheduled to run, the balance on your account will be charged to the credit card.

AutoPay is required to be on file for upcoming deductibles and/or coinsurances for all rental equipment.

What does "covered" mean?

This means that the equipment or supplies are billable to the insurance plan. They are subject to the patient's medical criteria guidelines and any deductible or coinsurance dictated by the insurance plan.

When do I own this equipment?

Yorhom Medical Essentials follows insurance guidelines for rental versus purchase of equipment. Many insurances convert the rental anywhere from 10-13 months. Once the insurance no longer pays on the rental, Yorhom converts the item and it becomes patient-owned. There are some items that will always rent and go on maintenance after a number of rental months. Again, this is dictated by the insurance company.

Understanding Your Insurance

The filing of insurance claims is a courtesy that Yorhom Medical Essentials extends to their customers. Insurance is a contract between the patient, their employer (if applicable) and the insurance company. Equipment and supplies may be covered in patients' insurance benefits. Insurance will pay after deductibles and coinsurances are met. Questions on deductibles and coinsures can be directed to your insurance plan. Please look below for a few numbers to reference.

Who to Contact

  • Number on the back of your insurance card will give you the best information
  • Reference your agent with whom you worked to purchase your insurance
  • Medicare Coordination of Benefits - (855) 798-2627
  • Medicare Address Changes / Social Security Administrations - (800) 772-1212