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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Machine

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Product Details

Sleep8 is a stylish and highly compact CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. It helps killing more than 99% of the bacteria and germs that reside within your tubing system. These would ultimately lead to sinus complications, mold buildup and sickness. Sanitizing your CPAP equipment regularly will help you stay away from the risks caused by these bacteria and germs. By using Sleep8 regularly you will enjoy a clean, comfortable and risk free oxygen therapy each time you need it.
  • Sanitizes all PAP machines, and both heated/non heated tubing systems
  • No adaptors needed
  • Sanitation with one click
  • Sanitizes using the power of active oxygen
You just need to press the start button and the Slee8 will start the sanitation process. When your CPAP is fully cleaned and sanitized the main device will turn of automatically. Now you can use your sanitized CPAP and accessories without problems.
Sleep8 is a cordless and waterless CPAP sanitizer. This means you can easily take it with you wherever you go. The device also comes with an extremely silent operation. Sleep8 uses the exact same sanitizing technology used in hospital, food, water and skincare industries.

Product Specifications

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Machine

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Machine Features

  • No adapters needed. The filter bag fits all PAP machine masks, heated and non-heated tubing.
  • Just press start and Sleep8 will do the rest. Once it's done, the device will automatically turn off.
  • Small, cordless and waterless, pack it in your carry-on to keep your CPAP accessories clean away from home.
  • Virtually silent, Sleep8 has your total peace of mind as it works and lets you get back to your day.


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