When you think of owning a lift chair, you may automatically assume they’re meant for older people who need help sitting and standing. While that’s true, there is also a wide range of other people who can benefit from lift chairs as well. We’re here to give you the rundown on who else they help so you can decide if owning one is right for you. 

1. Elderly individuals with limited mobility 

As we just mentioned, elderly individuals greatly benefit from lift chairs. They’re able to maintain their freedom and continue living a high-quality life into old age. Rather than having to call for help when they want to sit down or stand back up, lift chairs do the work for them in a safe manner. 

2. Patients recovering from injury, illness or surgery 

When you’re in the recovery stage, moving around and standing on your own can be straining and unsafe. Lift chairs allow you to adjust your position and move around without the constant assistance of a caregiver or family member.  

3. Individuals with sore joints and muscles 

When you move the backrest and footrest to the zero-gravity position, you’ll experience pain relief if you have issues with your joints and muscles. This position removes pressure from your body so you can relax in a pain-free way. 

4. Those struggling with pain from edema 

Edema is when you experience swelling due to excess fluid that’s trapped in your body’s tissues. In a lift chair, you can elevate your legs which encourages the fluid to move around your body rather than building up in your legs, in turn relieving swelling and pain. 

5. Individuals with neck or back pain 

If you have neck or back pain, you’ll find a lift chair extremely helpful in relieving that discomfort. You can adjust the chair and headrest to find a comfortable position that doesn’t strain your neck or back. 

6. Anyone who wants a comfortable relaxation chair 

Whether you have any of the issues listed above or not, lift chairs are overall just a comfortable addition to your living space. It’s a perfect place to kick back after a long day and an even better nap spot.  

Sounds like an all-around great chair, right? If you’re hoping to learn more about lift chairs and their benefits, give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions.