Whether you’re in need of a cushion replacement, CPAP machine tubing, CPAP mask wipes, new filters for your machine or are looking for a CPAP sanitizer, we can help. Yorhom specializes in respiratory care and offers a full range of top-notch CPAP supplies to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sleep therapy. 

Your sleep and overall health are especially important to us. Good sleep comes with some regular cleaning and replacement of your supplies. 

We suggest replacing your CPAP supplies at various times depending on the specific part. We recommend replacing your mask cushions, nasal pillows, and CPAP machine filters every month. Every three months, you should replace your mask frame and CPAP tubing. Every six months, you should replace your mask headgear, chin strap, and humidifier water tub

Caring for Your Supplies 

  • Daily: Wash the mask cushion/pillow with warm, soapy water. Rinse well and allow to air dry. 
  • Weekly: Wash the entire mask including headgear, water reservoir and tubing in warm, soapy water, air dry. 
  • Monthly: Replace filter. 

Yorhom offers a CPAP resupply reminder service, where we can contact you when you need to replace your supplies. 

We have modernized our software to allow you a variety of ways to contact us when you need to replace supplies including email, text or by phone. Not to worry if you don't remember to contact us, we will contact you as well! The same convenient options are available and can be designated specifically for your account. 

Just a reminder, October is Healthy Lung Month and October 23-29 is Respiratory Care Week! We want to help you stay safe and healthy this fall and winter!