Discomfort is a common occurrence during pregnancy. From back pain to sleeping trouble and heartburn, discomfort can grow the farther you are in your pregnancy. This may be frustrating to many soon-to-be moms, but there are several ways to relieve some of that discomfort that we will be sharing below. Keep reading for tips to help you have a more comfortable pregnancy.

Apply Heat

Heat therapy is an effective treatment for back pain and muscle soreness. Using a heating pad, hot water bottle, or taking a warm bath can soothe muscles and relieve some of that discomfort you may be experiencing. Heat therapy is safe for your baby, just remember to take precautions and regulate the heat.

Lift Chair

Another way to relieve discomfort is by using a lift chair. Lift chairs are often associated with the elderly or individuals recovering from an injury or surgery, but a lift chair can provide a lot of relief for pregnant women. The angle of the chair can alleviate pressure on the lungs, reduce acid reflux, and help with sleep apnea. A lift chair may also be helpful after birth as it can aid in your recovery if you have undergone a C-section and need a comfortable place to recover, or as you nurse your baby.

Elevate Your Legs

When pregnant, your blood flow and circulation are different than what your body is used to. This leads to swelling in the hands, feet and legs. Sitting with your legs and feet elevated can promote circulation and reduce swelling. It is also important to avoid sitting with your legs crossed, this will increase swelling.

Folding Wedge

A folding wedge is another option to use to relieve discomfort when pregnant. These wedge-shaped pillows reduce back pain and can be used in many ways. You can put it under your belly to give support, use it in between your knees for lower back discomfort or put it under your head to reduce symptoms of heartburn.

Stay Cool and Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important in general but is especially important when pregnant as it can potentially relieve some discomfort. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that you should drink 8-12 cups of water a day while pregnant. Staying hydrated will help regulate your body temperature and help with digestion.

While feeling discomfort during your pregnancy can be frustrating at times, we hope these five tips help you relieve some of that pressure and discover new ways to reduce aches and pains. If you are interested in purchasing products to help you stay more comfortable while pregnant, visit our online catalog!