As you age, getting around your home can become more difficult. We understand that you (or mom or dad) want to continue aging in place and live at home for as long as possible. That’s why Yorhom Medical has made it a priority to offer all different types of solutions to make navigating the home easy and safe with aging! 

Add a Stair Lift 

Adding a stair lift to a home allows endless access to all areas of the house. You have an option to safely go to different levels so you can remain independent in your own home! There are different options for any need such as a residential stair lift, curved stair lift or outdoor stair lift. We offer FREE in-home assessments so contact us today! 

Utilize Different Aids 

There are plenty of aids to daily living you can get to make your home safer and allow certain daily tasks to become easier. Whether it’s a shoehorn to help shoes go on or a button hook for shirt buttons, there are numerous options available. 

Get Mobility Help 

Different mobility aids can allow for extra stability when navigating the home. Scooters, canes, walkers and rollators all allow a solution based on different needs. For example, this Basic Rollator Walker comes in different colors, has a seat, can have multiple accessories and folds for easy storage! 

Use an Elevator/Lift 

For more advanced accessibility, an elevator or lift may be what you’re looking for. Bypass stairs safely to access other areas indoors or out. A Vertical Platform Lift is the perfect solution for any difficult pathway, porch or other raised entryway. 

Don’t Forget Outdoors 

We want to remember accessibility outdoors as well! Utilize many of the above options or get a power scooter. A power scooter can come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Find what one best suits your needs. You can also think of getting from place to place in a vehicle with the help of vehicle modifications

Include Ramps 

One last element to add could be a ramp – this can help indoors and outdoors. Ramps allow access into the home or can be used for smaller purposes like just getting through a door threshold or the suitcase ramp, for example, offers help for a few stairs or getting a device into a vehicle. 

We hope you found this blog helpful and know what different solutions your home needs to allow for access to all areas while remaining safe! Contact us if you are looking for additional solutions – we're here to help.