Summer is about to be in full swing and nothing compares to the feeling of enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family. If you’re worrying about getting out and about this summer, a new or updated mobility item may be the perfect solution. Keep reading to see our recommendations for top mobility items to keep you moving this summer. 


1. Upgrade Your Manual or Power Wheelchair 

At Yorhom, our complex rehab technology team prides itself on being able to meet our patients' unique medical and functional needs. Whether you’re an existing wheelchair user or need a device, we can provide you with varied options that suit your needs and lifestyle. We carry a wide selection of popular devices: 


2. Start Using a Scooter 

An electric mobility scooter helps aging adults get around with ease! This mobility solution comes in many options that have varied features, sizes, endurance, and colors. And if you’re looking for the extra bells and whistles, we can help with that too! In addition to providing popular scooters from Golden Technologies, we also carry baskets, cell phone holders, shroud kits, lights and other fun accessories you can add on. Whether you’re looking to get around indoors or outdoors more independently or are recovering from an injury and need a device for longer, a scooter is a great solution. Call or visit Yorhom to speak to one of our mobility experts to help determine if this is what you need. In the meantime, check out some popular scooters we offer: 


3. Get Greater Support with a Cane 

If you’re not in need of a wheelchair or scooter but could use some extra safety and support getting around, a cane may be the device for you. Canes help aging adults maintain their balance and mobility. There are many different types of canes available including:  

  • “C” Cane – A basic walking cane with curved handle that increases your base of support for greater balance. 
  • Functional Grip Cane – Usually what comes to mind when people imagine a cane, it is a straight, single-tip cane with straight handle. It allows for better grip and control than a curved cane. 
  • Offset Handle Canes – The design of this walking cane ensures that the user’s weight is centered so that it bears mainly on the strongest part of the cane for more stability. 
  • Quad Cane – This cane has four supports at the bottom and typically comes with an offset handle. It is suitable for those requiring a lot of support and can stand alone. 
  • Hemi Walker – This cane is close to a walker and has an even larger base than a quad cane. It is often used by those transitioning to or from a walker. 
  • Folding Cane – As the name suggests, a folding cane is a regular cane that can be folded. When folded, it can be carried by wrist wrap or within a bag. 

Click here to view Yorhom’s cane options.  


4. Walk Around with Ease Using a Walker or Rollator 

If you can walk but need balance assistance or get tired easily and need frequent rests, a walker or rollator may be the right choice for you. Walkers and rollators provide stability and balance, so the user doesn’t need to worry about staying upright or supported. These devices offer independent mobility for those suffering from an injury, knee problems, pain and general issues with getting around. Some top-rated options we offer include:  

Don’t spend the summer indoors – get out and about with the mobility solution that fits your needs and lifestyle. The experts at Yorhom can assess your needs and help you pick the right device to keep you soaking up the summer sun. Visit our website, give us a call or stop by a store to get help.