Bathroom safety is crucial for improving your home’s overall safety and improving accessibility in your home. Beginning the search for bathroom safety products can seem overwhelming with the many options available. We are going to share with you the top 5 products to keep your bathroom safe to help you prevent falls and injuries inside your home!  

1. Grab Bars 

  • Grab bars are secure bars that are usually mounted onto the wall to provide extra support and stability. These bars can make it easier to access certain areas and rooms inside the home and help with reducing the risk of falls. They come in many different sizes and finishes to match your bathroom perfectly! 

2. Bath Chair 

  • The shower and bath can be extremely slippery because it is a hard surface that often gets wet. Using a bath chair can help prevent falls in the shower and can make showering easier because of the extra stability that the bath chair provides. They are extremely helpful for individuals in wheelchairs or anyone with limited mobility.  

3. Elevated Toilet Seat 

  • An elevated toilet seat can reduce the risk of injuries when sitting down and standing up. Elevated toilet seats allow you to sit higher so you don’t have to bend as low to sit on the toilet. This will allow individuals with limited mobility to continue to use the bathroom independently and will decrease the risk of injuries while using the toilet.  

4. Bath Mat 

  • Bathroom floors can get extremely slippery when wet and can become very dangerous. Adding a bathmat can eliminate the risk of falls and injuries and provide a more stable surface. You can add a bathmat to the floor of the shower or bath, and you can add them to the bathroom floor for additional safety and support! 

5. Bath Sponge With Handle 

  • Individuals with limited mobility may find it difficult to take a shower or bath and reach every part of the body. Bending to reach your legs or extending to reach your back can increase the risk of injuries inside the shower. Utilizing a bath sponge with a handle will allow for easier reach of the feet, legs, and back without having to bend and overextend.  

If you are looking into making your bathroom safer, these top 5 products are a great place to start! Visit our website to find more bathroom safety products or contact us today for more information on bathroom safety!