We have the perfect product to make sanitizing your CPAP equipment simple! The LiViliti Paptizer provides the only complete OZONE FREE sanitizing system for your CPAP equipment. Read on to learn more about this incredible and safe product. 

Healthy Hose Pro 

The Healthy Hose Pro is the first and only antimicrobial CPAP tube designed to eliminate and prevent up to 99.99% of bacteria. It’s also latex and BPA-free. This is part of the LiViliti Paptizer solution. Together, the Healthy Hose Pro and LiViliti Paptizer provide the ozone-free sanitizing system of your dreams. 

It's simple to use! Connect one end of the tube to the CPAP and the other end to the mask or nasal pillows. To clean, wash the tubing using mild soap and drinking quality water, then let it air dry on a flat surface.  

LiViliti Paptizer 

The LiViliti Paptizer uses UVC LEDs to effectively kill up to 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses in as little as 3 minutes. It’s the fastest, easiest and safest solution on the market as this device is ozone and mercury free. UVC light is considered to be one of the safest disinfection options on the global market. With its simple one-button operation and multiple sanitization applications, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this hygienic solution. Here are some of our favorite features and benefits: 

  • Sanitize any supplies, equipment and personal belongings in just 3 minutes. 

  • UVC waves reduce odor that can’t be washed away. 

  • The 40 UVC LEDs offer 360-degree coverage to ensure a complete clean. 

  • It is safe to store objects in the LiViliti Paptizer without worry of bacteria or viruses for 24 hours when not in use. 

  • This is designed for medical grade use but can be used for anything that fits! 

  • The LiViliti Paptizer has more UVC LEDs than any other sterilizer on the market. 

  • It's built to last with a 10,000 hour LED lifespan. 

  • It offers a portable design so you can bring it wherever you go. All you need is a plug in. 

  • Dimensions: 11.89” x 10.59” x 6.06” 

  • Weight: 4.29lbs 

  • Power Rating: 27W 

Easy to Use Control Panel: Functionality Buttons 

Fast Sanitize 

The Fast Sanitize feature is an industry leading 3-minute sanitization of your product. Once the cycle is complete, the product is ready for use. No chemicals and no product downtime! 

Sanitize & Deodor, Smart Drying, Temp Control & Sanitized Storage 

This is a multi-function cycle of cleaning. It begins with step #1 – 3-minute cycle of sanitizing and deodorizing. The unit then starts step #2, which is a 60-minute smart drying cycle with an internal fan and temperature control maintaining an inside temperature of 86 to 95 degrees. Once that completes, a sensor takes a reading. Then it runs for another 30min, 60min or 90 min cycle in the smart drying and temperature control mode, or it advances the unit to Sanitized Storage. Step #3 is Sanitized Storage – the top LED display lights will follow each other in a circular motion. The unit will then run low light UVC LEDs, keeping the inner object sanitized for up to 24 hours. The unit’s fan will also run an additional 4-6 minutes once all is completed to remove heat from the computer chips within. WARNING: No objects with batteries such as cell phones should be used in this mode as it could cause damage.  

Sanitize & Deodor, Sanitized Storage 

This is a two-step cycle of cleaning. Step #1 consists of a 3-minute cycle of sanitizing and deodorizing. The unit then proceeds to step #2 – Sanitized Storage. This is where the unit will run low light UVC LEDs, keeping the inner object sanitized for up to 24 hours and ready to use (just like we mentioned above). 

Are you ready to try out this amazing product to safely clean your CPAP equipment and more? Contact us today to place your order!