With the holidays approaching, you may be thinking about the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you have noticed that they are struggling more to get out of their favorite chair, then maybe a lift chair is the perfect solution. Lift chairs come with a wide range of benefits that can easily lift your loved one's spirits, especially during this holiday season.  

Gives a Sense of Independence 

As your loved one ages and their mobility gets worse, they will start to rely on others to help them do simple tasks such as getting out of a chair. However, by gifting them a lift chair, they will be able to accomplish this themselves. This in return will allow them to have a sense of independence as most people do not want to burden others with these tasks. A lift chair is designed to help a person go from seated or even reclining to standing.  

Safer for Family Members and Caregivers 

A lift chair will not only benefit the loved one you are getting it for, but it would also benefit those who are taking care of them. This is because it will decrease the chances of the caregiver getting hurt since they are not working so hard to lift them out of the chair. If a 100-pound daughter is trying to lift her father out of a chair, this will put a lot of strain on the daughter increasing her chances of getting injured. However, with a lift chair, it will do most of the work, they might just want to stand there to make sure they do not fall.  

Reduce Pressure or Bed Sores 

Bedsores are injuries to the skin and the underlying tissue resulting from sitting for an extended period of time. They typically develop in more bony areas such as the heel, ankle, hip and tailbone. However, an easy way to prevent these are by moving around. Therefore, by gifting your loved one a lift chair for the holidays, it will allow them to prevent getting bed sores by being able to get u and move around throughout the day more easily,  thus living a happier and healthier life.  

Reduces Edema 

As our loved one’s age, their bodies work harder to maintain their health. From the kidneys to the heart, everything can cause swelling. Mild cases can be caused by sitting for too long in one position. This happens more often in the legs. A lift chair can decrease your loved one’s chance of contracting edema as it will allow them to be able to get up and move around easier and not just be confined to their chair in the same position.  

A lift chair can make a great present for your loved one this holiday season if they are wanting to maintain their independence while starting to lose their mobility. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us or visit our website to see what lift chairs we have to offer.