No living room is complete without a comfy chair. You may be past the point of comfy and desire a safe and convenient option to aid in sitting and standing. If you live with limited mobility, it may be time to make the switch to a lift chair to assist both you and your caregiver and to improve your quality of life!

What You Need to Know About Lift Chairs

A lift chair is a phenomenal option for someone who struggles with mobility, especially getting in and out of a chair. Lift chairs operate electronically as they are equipped with a hand control that allows you to raise and lower the chair as you need. Every person is different and so are their needs. When selecting a lift chair, it is important to consider all important factors such as height, width, weight, and proportions. You also need to consider what you are using your lift chair for and how it can stay with you as you age.  

Some things to consider

  • Will you be using your lift chair for sleeping? 
  • Do your feet need to be above your heart for circulation?  
  • Do you have incontinence?  
  • Will you be sitting in your chair for long periods of time?  
  • Is there a softness in cushions you find more comfortable?  
  • Are you considered overweight?  
  • What common activities do you do while sitting? (TV, using the computer, games, etc.) 

Pick Your Position Preference 

Picking your position preference is a very important step in choosing the perfect lift chair. Here are the position options to consider.  

Two Position Lift Chairs 

A two-position lift chair will only recline 45 degrees back from the upright position, meaning you will not be able to fully recline and extend your legs out as you would with a common recliner. These chairs are ideal for someone who needs or wants to be in a semi-upright position. This chair is not limited to two positions. It will stop as you wish but will not extend back further than 45 degrees. These chairs are good for someone who may not be sitting in them for long periods of time.

Three-Position Lift Chairs 

Three-position chairs will fully recline back but will not completely lay flat for sleeping. Like the two-position chair, a three-position chair will stop anywhere along the line of travel.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs 

An infinite model reclines completely flat. This may be the best option for someone who plans to lie down frequently or sleep in their lift chair. With the infinite chair, unlike the other two options, you can control the backrest and footrest separately. This chair allows you to elevate your feet slightly above your heart which is great for circulation. 

Which Size Fits You Best?

It’s important to consider size when selecting your lift chair as it’s meant to fit your body and your needs well. Lift chairs can range in size from petite to heavy-duty. It is important to consider your weight, that your seat is wide enough to accommodate your hips at your widest point, and the length of your legs.


There are amazing options to customize your lift chair to not only fit your body and needs but your style preference. You can select fabric swatches and colors to best fit your décor and lifestyle needs.

Yorhom is ready to help you select the perfect lift chair! Contact us today to begin the process of getting your lift chair tailored to you.