At first glance, lift chairs look like regular recliners but they offer so much more functionality and support. Lift chairs are commonly used for individuals who struggle with their mobility, but they also have benefits for individuals without mobility needs. Keep reading to learn how a lift chair can help you or someone you know.  

Keep Your Independence 

As you age, it gets harder and harder to stand up from a seated position, even if you don’t suffer from mobility challenges. Lift chairs also help people post-surgery because it allows them to stay in their own home during recovery, rather than having constant help from others. Keeping your independence reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. 

Ergonomic Support and Comfort 

Lift chairs provide ergonomic support and comfort for everyone, including pregnant women. Lift chairs aid in reducing back pain and recovery for pregnant women, and they can also provide support for women on bed rest, pre- and post-delivery. 

Allows You to Sleep Upright 

A lift chair can also help you sleep upright and put less stress on your musculoskeletal system. Sitting up right while sleeping can help you breathe easier when living with certain respiratory diseases – all while providing a comfortable place for sleep. 

Minimize Acid Reflux 

If you suffer from acid reflux, it is important to keep your head elevated when you sleep. Lift chairs provide the best support because they are able to move to multiple positions so you can find what works best for you. Lift chairs also take up less space than electric hospital beds.  

Relieve Pressure Points 

There’s nothing better than getting home from work and sitting down and relaxing. Many chairs cause back pain but a lift chair helps reduce pressure points and gives you many options to find the position that will keep you comfortable. With an infinite position lift chair, you are guaranteed to find the best position for you! 

Easy to Use 

Most recliners use buttons or switches on the side of the chair to recline. Lift chairs use remotes to make it very convenient for you to find the position you are most comfortable in.  

Whether you or someone you know is looking for comfortable seating, we highly recommend looking into a lift chair. They offer so many benefits for those without mobility needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us