With the development of innovative technologies, power wheelchairs allow everyone to reclaim their mobility and live prosperous, independent lives. Learning how to use a power wheelchair can be quite tricky so we want to share 5 safety tips with you! 

Charge Your Battery Every Night 

Battery care is critical when it comes to maintaining your power wheelchair. Even if you barely used your wheelchair that day, it is important to fully charge it at night because you will prolong your battery’s efficiency. 

Don’t Put Weight on Armrests or Footplates 

When getting in and out of your power wheelchair, it is important to remember not to put weight on the armrests and footplates. They are not made to be weight-bearing. If you put your weight on those areas, you are risking injury to yourself and damaging your chair.  

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks 

The more you get used to your chair, the easier it will be to hear and see if something is wrong with the mechanisms or components. Watch for frayed wires, listen for abnormal squeaking or squealing, and other abnormalities. If you notice something is wrong, we recommend getting it checked out right away. 

Avoid Getting Your Power Wheelchair Wet 

If your power wheelchair gets wet, the electrical wiring can be severely damaged. Avoid driving through puddles because the water can splash onto your chair. Also, avoid driving your chair in the rain as much as possible. If you need to travel in light rain, be sure to cover the controls and joystick with a plastic bag. Your power wheelchair should never be operated in thunderstorms and heavy rain.  

Use Caution on Outdoor Terrain 

If you are traveling on uneven, outdoor terrain, remember to go slow and use caution. You don’t want to risk losing control of your chair, getting stuck, injuring yourself or damaging your chair. Examples of some outdoor hazards include sand, snow, cracked sidewalks, gravel, and hills. 

Transitioning to a power wheelchair can be a tricky adjustment. We wanted to help you learn how to stay safe and maintain the life of your power wheelchair so you can regain your mobility! If you have any questions, please call us at 701-780-2500.